Thursday, December 31, 2015

Lisa Marie and Elvis Presley - Dance with my father again

Some meaningful songs from Lisa Presley and Elvis, her dad. May all of your peaceful dreams come true in 2016. Let's reorganize and make all/this country move forward. Happy New Year to you all. Kitty Kelso 

Friday, November 20, 2015

Monday, November 16, 2015

Kitty's Ink
Application to Google for hire
Beg for Investors
Family Business (
a.k.a. Secretary's Ink
Serial Entrepreneur
Minimum Salary: $20,000,000 & Stock Options

I am waiting for investors because I have oars like this ship ready to make big money. The USA could use our tax money by getting these plans on a magic carpet. Google, Twitter, Yahoo, MSN, etc, trust me. Check my stats. I am good at giving companies like AT&T what to expect in each quarter of the year but my true passion is in the logically arriving at the knowledge that creates business and fixes others.

I would like to honor my ex-husband (173rd, 82nd, Airborne and Special Forces, 5 wives but I was lucky to be #1, The war took him away, he was never the same. I still respect him, I always have. He didn't like being part of a Family Business (LI) that I was born into. There is too much control at the top. Mafia Family type. My husband was never going to live under anyone's control - especially my Multi-millionaire father. So I agreed with my husband and chose to follow my 20 year medical career. I was my father's daughter, I have a playground of projects ready to market stored in my head and on various Internet sites - I have always had a passion to keep moving forward, it was something that was just part of who I became during the time of making this idea and dream (his 10th try) for my dad and me to not launch - I didn't know advertising and marketing yet at the start of 12 yrs old. But, with my marketing & advertising for American Cycle Agency, something that had my interest and attention. Bam! We made it! He went from up front money $25K to several million within two years. I left the Family Business for my medical career. He should have been happy for me. Not in this type of family. Many of people on the "Will" are spending it all. His second set of kids are still waiting for their meager inheritance. My sister was Power of Attorney. Her drinking buddies are in the "Will". 

I am very proud that my father served in the Navy during WWII and a brother who has been serving the Navy even after his time was up. He teaches safety so the people can have fun. My other brother died two years ago the 23rd of this month, who was left out of the will too, and he needed it the most. He was a proud to be a Marine who served in Viet Nam. He didn't come back the same either from that war. Two siblings have died. It has been a 5 year hold up while my sister, power of attorney, kept the beautiful 3 story red business building tied up in her fight to keep every single building and other real estate. She and another sister have houses in Las Vegas. Huh? New cars, new homes, grandkids home, travel to Hawaii many times a year for 5 years - while time passes and the rest of the more then worthy Family Business family haven't received a dime. Superior Techs? Legal Zoom? Help. I have proof. Easy one-third return for Lawyer team. 

I am sharing this with everyone that will read it. Thank you Yahoo, UK & Ireland - you have always been "the wind beneath my wings". Google we need to get involved - we are wasting time getting this economy on it's way up, up, and away. I need $2M to buy a radio station to start Richard Branson, Invest? Google, Time to get this ship back in the water. This is a career resume.. In the\meantime, I have loved writing for all the little people like me, and I will continue to do so. I am not a Dem or a GOP - I am only me - but I will give you my best call for the next President of the United States of America. Be sure to visit my recommendations at I come with references you will find there and other places. Kitty Kelso

Tuesday, November 10, 2015


The clowns and weaklings are dropping as real contenders in this extraordinary race; full of controversy, entertainment, and sure to be changes. The pack thins as those not worthy of a front position fall behind, and the people who were just along for the shock or mockery of the Constitution itself - are left in the dust.

BERNIE SANDERS takes the lead. He is an Independent; he has experience; he has run with the pack; he doesn't like them. He did not take this leap of faith to be President because it feels like his ego is waning or he is losing his hair - he has started his passion with just the belief in what he felt passionate about. It seems so did millions of people, as people of all walks of life have been contributing to his campaign and thus, it grows.

Now if we can get some media FACTS - FACTS without bias - the people will show you at the polls that America cannot and will not be bought by an individual (Trump), or a set-up candidate like Hillary Clinton. I wanted to see Hillary get the nomination, but I don't see her heart or her passion in this race at all. Something is holding her back.

Go Bernie, Go. Let's see how far we can get you over the next several months. We the People have a lot to learn because we have given much too much trust to the political arena over a lifetime and we are now paying attention. How do we get the People's vote to count? One human owns Minnesota. How is that possible? Because it is. The Mayo Clinic is in Minnesota. Huh?! Do your homework. Forbes has details. So does Washington D.C.

Donald Trump, you gave outdone yourself on all you have to offer. You will always be a good business man - but you bit off too much ego going on SNL and mocking your political arena. Your speeches have become redundant and you have shown us you are just that - a business man - not a political man who believes in the Constitution but only recognizes those parts that fit your agenda. People are what matters in this country - first not numbers.

Politicians have it all backwards.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Today Trump Wins

I didn't think he could do it. But he did it. He has seen and said every single thing that the GOP'S have not wanted to hear - the same reason the Democrats are holding their breath.

Donald Trump has the force, the passion, and the vision. His personal security should be quadrupled. Everybody but the People, hate him. Donald get your attorneys to start work on this amendment to make the People's vote count. We, the People, are seeing a dark horse take the lead from the outside. Nobody can touch him, as long as we continue to hear and see a man of the men - not of the candidates being bought or exchanging promises in this race. He is simply smarter. He will fix the country, but he will smash the lives of the lowest class people contributing or not, to the government income tax. He will close them down. VA's included. Remember when women and minorities could not vote? Amendments can be made! We also want an electrical ballot AND a hand ballot back-up.

Today a letter went out in Illinois, the Governor in the state has not paid the Senior Services of Central Illinois owed bills since last June. The recipients are elderly people, VA's, recuperating individuals - nobody cheats on Meals on Wheels and those who cook, pack, and deliver are volunteers across the city. It is paid for by various methods, including insurance, Medicare and many private pay.

So, from now on until these politicians are removed from office who instigated this gross injustice to the biggest and most popular group of population in the United States, by eliminating, not only meals, but the discontinuance of the ACCESS bus that has transported the most needy of all clients, wheelchair bound, or not able to climb the steps independently - to get to their destinations of Physical Therapy, and Doctor's visits. They are trying to get better so they can pay taxes again; but, some have already paid all of their lives, and now need the services they paid for. But, this is where the State of Illinois Governor has chosen to cut his budget - no more Friday Senior Service Lunch Program at the Senior Service Center - not even an answering machine in the building for messages, The Senior Center of Illinois is where many Seniors come for guidance of complications in paperwork for government, or just to enjoy the opportunity to play a game of cards.

The cuts are starting from the bottom, and they will continue. I dread 2016. I heard it was going to shock every American.

Lesson: Never higher a multi-millionaire to be the Governor

I heard he was attempting to buy the state, and it is being presently all fixed up (all roads and sewers at this point) on the taxpayer's dime. Then he will have his own great State of Illinois 199 miles from Chicago - the new hub of all kinds of trade.

If can survive on my meager monthly budget in a hunger like I've never seen for taxes on everything bought in this state, others are experiencing the same; we are facing the coming continuous cuts because the Social Security money bank is going broke - if it is not already. And, GOP, you are not about the People.

Springfield, IL however, is the Capitol of Illinois - and the government just built a $30M dollar Presidential Museum. The future of this city with be built around that investment that never made sense to me (our city was hit hard and most of downtown buildings have been empty due to our economy), present number of visitors are certainly not paying the light bill on the truly fantastic Abe Lincoln, and all other Presidents, and now, Barack Obama will be added and ensconced in perfect replica via wax.

Chicago is moving in.

Trump will consider it's monetary value for his spreadsheet to make sense of the A/P's. How will he learn about the People once he is elected by them - even if his private attorneys immediately file the amendment to have the People's Vote count for Trump to lead this country. That is how he will get elected. We will need to develop a tax payable to USA by citizens who invest in other countries. This cut for the rich who donate $500M to other countries for a tax right off loophole, has got to be turned around.

Saturday, October 3, 2015


"Secretary's Ink"
To:            Donald J. Trump
   cc:          Barack Obama

Date:         2015, October 3
Subject:    Chief Adviser of President, Internet

I can't imagine Donald Trump taking real advice from anyone. If he doesn't find out how to be a real man's man within, say a month, he could kiss this effort goodbye. I have been hung up on D.J. since his first divorce. He was a remarkable man then, in many ways. I have the directions in my mind that he needs to alter, and I would advise strongly that he follow the directions to the dollar amount. He only understands success by hand shakes or a check in the mail. Well it's time to negotiate and it just got expensive for him. If he wants to be President of the United States, I will expect a check in the mail for half up front and half on election night. 

So you see, Mr. Trump, we both have a huge stake in getting you elected. However, we have a huge dilemma. I won't support a GOP candidate. I don't know why exactly, but the word is out there, they are walking around like a bunch of loose chickens. I believe DJT could make a great president. But he operates in two different personalities. This man rarely walks on grass. Has anyone ever watched the movie Pretty Woman when she takes his phone from him and throws it away in the park, then parks him under a tree and takes his socks off in the grass? He hadn't felt grass - not that he remembered. That is the same personality as Mr. Trump. He has the focus, determination, and clear insight to close any deal he enters. If he made a promise to a country, he would understand it completely (he does have that kind of patience and willingness) and clearly define all areas that needed to be talked through in a business manner, without war. I have good references, Barack Obama, President of the United States. Just ask him if he knows of Kitty Kelso, he will remember, the one with the keen advice. He was free and I helped him get elected on the Internet, through my association with the Whitehouse Group, at as an OFFICIAL. I don't know what that means exactly, but it looked impressive when I saw it. It has been an honor to advise President Barack Obama, and I compliment him for taking my brutally honest forceful words to get him to change his mind about this or that. He's in my own book. The ending will be drawing to an end after the State of the Union Address next 2016. I am compiling all the good things Barack Obama did while he has been in office, and absorbing them into my heart, and I pray he has not left 2016 to be a joke on everyone. I live in Springfield, IL - where Barack Obama spent his days in state congress held in this capitol of the State. This is where we have rides by horse and buggy to every site in Springfield and area, of places where Abe Lincoln is honored by his rocking credentials, as one of the most popular Presidents of all time. 

I know Pres. B will have many areas and monuments in Springfield. I worry about how big the one in Washington will be? Has he done us a favor by telling us how horrible congress in Washington truly is? I begged him to "shake the bad apples out of the trees in D.C." and he did exactly that. We The People thank him for creating an atmosphere where it is in the hands of the People now - and I will get them to the voting table. Please tell me is it electronically safe, and also please could We The People have a punch ballot count on the side, just for fairness sake. I also have references

Respectfully yours,
Kitty Kelso 

Friday, September 25, 2015

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

The entertainment of Donald J. Trump will be dying down soon. The situation for his presidential run, is that he simply cannot come down to the "normal" People's class during this campaign. We will be numbers on a spreadsheet for him and the easiest people to eliminate from the budget because there is no way for "normal" people to fight the government on any changes, as we exist without proper funds to hire big strong attorneys, the funds are not big business and all their loop holes (they do have attorneys on hand) - it will be the little guys, Kitty Kelso 

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Trump bites the dust? - No just more fuel to move ahead

Why do I keep smiling when DT misbehaves? Maybe that is too strong of a word, acts as himself. His running campaign mate, Carly Fiorina was let go from HP for ethics violations with a $50M severance package. $25M to get her out the door; and another $25 or so over the next five years. She landed the HP company on the floor of a congressional hearing. When it was over, so was her career at HP. Don't let her fool you, she can't even buy reference letters. She is funding her own launch to this stage and this campaign. I would not vote for her to sweep the roads. I have followed her career. I will say here and I will tell DT, this woman is a visionary - much like he thinks of himself. She will have good strategy and logical planning. She will do homework and present her findings to diminish the Achilles heel of DT especially, and the other candidates. She is intelligent - but proven unethical - bringing down a huge powerful company like HP. She was bugging phones and the Internets before it was legal (was it ever?). The government has mastered that intrusion. She stole directly from me. I noticed my computer kicking on and off in middle of night. It was an HP used. I set a trap and got the police involved. So I placed a market plan I had made for New York Times for new laptops coming out during Christmas shopping season minus pricing. Two Sundays later there was my marketing plan in the NYTimes Online! Ms. Fiorina and I went back and forth about integrity through emails, and a few of the other five visionaries became aware of this situation and other illegal practices. DT will continue to grow in popularity because he will learn and form teams to be in charge of this or that information and report it to him. He has a mediocre business mind inheriting his money from his father. DT also accumulated almost a billion dollars in bankruptcies. Does he have respect for people not of his class - no. That is the problem that could shake the ground of USA. Kitty Kelso

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

whitney houston i will always love you lyrics - YouTube

whitney houston i will always love you lyrics - YouTube

To all of the technicians, programmers, and engineers that have created a bed of clouds for me to finally achieve an important goal - that I was not sure of before, but I have it in my sights. You are the wind beneath my wings. Patience has been our virtue. I thank all of you from all walks of the Internet who have always lifted me higher then I was aware I could go. I'm going for the dream job. A tour bus. and some sign on letter of credit. Back pay? Negotiable.

Talk about a start up, huh!



Harry Chapin She Sings Her Songs Without Words (Soundstage)

I would love to think these words were sung with me in mind; but, his life was a gift to everyone lucky enough to follow his fantastic messages while he lived. I miss him. Kitty Kelso

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Trump signed to be loyal to GOP,

I suggest that we all get ready for some big quick plans.. Change can sometimes be the best path you have ever taken. He is talking JOBS. I know there are openings across America. Donald suggested English be the common language for USA. He is asking for more education to make that easier for all people having a conversation. I agree. I have suggested Adult and Child classes for this. Most kids end up knowing two languages fluently; but in American, pick a commitment when you choose America as your home, come legally by registering at your local ports. We have excellent education and we will learn to understand one-another.

I cursed at Trump the minute he said "Signed". Then he began to speak from his heart. He is a man of his word even if they are condemning, or organizing. I am still trying to get a handle on ethics. He might just be the best candidate we have had since Theodore Roosevelt. I see much of the same personalities. I also see some Richard Nixon. The difference is Trump is saying what he is thinking no matter what it sounds like - that kind of makes him more trustworthy, doesn't it? Nixon smiled to everyone when on camera, and he let the word bombs and terrible negative decisions that cost him his seat. Donald J. Trump will be the next President. I have not been wrong for as long as I have been interested (since Kennedy, but I wasn't old enough to vote yet). Trump if I were you, I would look to the stars and say "Thank Y

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Hillary and Trump looking weak

 I have come to the conclusion that neither of them are well-rounded enough in the issues to protect the people and their land. Hillary is entrenched in World views and issues, and Donald can't get out of making numbers for his success and being child-like. Both of them combined exude a distraction that I worry will leave each of them being "Not Enough". to Lead America. Bernie Sanders needs much more protection and attention. He needs a security team. Mosr people hate the politicians and Bernie was attacked at his speech in Seattle. He had only one man with him, the two of them left the podium to the rioters with class. See it on YouTube. I am very disappointed in the dreams I had for each of them, don't look to be coming true. Watch the polls start to slide. Joe Biden and Jeb Bush don"t stand a chance for different reasons I am thinking Col. Clarkston; but I am worried about a GOP house and Supreme Court. We need someone who is not already a politician, Wait, I have this one - Sarah Palin!! Surprise!!!!

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Donald, please create a chart - show us what your plans on for the American Citizens - your neighbors - we just play golf at a community course, or play put-put at the sadly disappearing Put-Put entertainment fun - we don't own a golf course, I did own a family casino, but it was not on my side of the 12 kids my self made nine digit multimillionaire father. He didn't get his gambling license from the State of IL. He spent a millions lobbying for the 4 story completely renovated and decorated from the finest Amish made wood though-out, carpet on three floors, elegant chandlers, on three floors from Las Vegas where he and his child bride had three homes - I didn't get a nickel, and I was his only start-up partner. I walked out after the first few million, I have been rich and I have lived on a girl scout's precise budget. I am own that level - yet I am a visionary also. I have great references - one, Baraclk Obama, and You need me. You will lose without someone who knows what these people need you to focus on how your changes will eventually (within a year) effect the real_People. We aren't dump, ignorant, or lazy. We are your neighbors. and the country is being held up by this class (anyone but your class) is holding together the infrastructure for all of you - and you are a politician. I hate that you are a GOP - that is such a bummer for me. I may not vote for you, even if you are at the winner's circle for sure. They cannot help the People - and frankly we are getting weary with our thumb stuck in the dam for all of you on our dime, on our family. We are not politicians. We don't want to associate with them these days. Too much hit us, too soon, and too fast. It is a shock for most people. Dining in the hospital food lines is getting longer for family. Our gov. Rauner is fixing the roads first. That is how you see your position on being President of the United States, but not Leader of the People for the People. We paid the taxes you guys are putting into your daily budgets and you just don't get it, you will write off expenses, hire your family as help and pay them a whopping salary that will also be written off, and anything other way you can beat this taxable expense next year. We get that too. We are only hearing words Donald J. Trump and we all need (99% of American Citizens) substance. This will be a word of mouth (the best Advertiser, as well as Facebook & the Internet) to assure your success election day. Just a thought and a strategic outcome in my eyes only. Kitty Kelso, Secretary's Ink. p.s. Gas taxes have doubled for the Labor Day holiday - can you call someone about that, Illinois
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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Trump bites the Dust???

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Trump taking some nasty comments from the real idiots

Don't most billionaires have a touch of narcissism? You bet! How many of our leaders have been self-made independent billionaires - and good, passionate leaders? How many millionaires in the white house on all levels, became successful on the psychopathic level or on our dime? How many just stay in Washington because of the status without big money? All narcissists, but probably not psychopaths (defending this label by another in fairness to Donald). The minute a politician trades even one life for one dollar increase in their bank account - that is the psychopath. There are so many to count. So all I can say about Donald J. Trump, I have always studied his life, and I pray he is the only one who has not done this.....sold a human for a dollar (even through known toxic stock). He is an egotist, he is a confident man, he does love himself, as any sane person should after such success  He sure isn't pretending, or reading a speech someone else wrote. If he were to win this election, anger management should be studied - his temper is too hot now. I don't feel safe with him sitting around red buttons that he might run and slam because another leader of a country insulted him on Twitter. Having said that, as of today, I believe he is the best man for the job. Kitty Kelso.

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Donald Trump no Pied Piper

How do we get Donald to feel what the non-billionaires, millionaires, or even thousand-aires feel? How does he walk in our shoes without judging the honest, and evicting the non-honest participants on the government's bill? Programs are being shut downthat the honest people need and is rt of the nations guarantee for assistance.

Systematically he will attack this problem like he would attack people stealing from his casino. I am beginning to believe he could do this job, President of United States. Donald and Bernie are showing true emotion FOR the country. Now if Donald will just work, also, FOR the People, we would have a battle for the seat. Hillary is not showing her strength as potential President, and I know she has the knowledge and experience. GOP's are drowning her in past situations that do not affect the People, Considering how corrupt most Washington politicians and company are turning out to be,after Bengazi, I would be changing my frequency and alternate delivery of email too - as someone just tried to kill her. She has fallen back. I believe there is fear in her campaign so far - why? This does not look like a woman running for the Presidency. Hillary, hang in there. You are the person to beat. Kitty Kelso

Monday, August 10, 2015

Bernie Sanders is a fine candidate.

He fights for all rights in fairness. 

Thursday, August 6, 2015


Tuesday, August 4, 2015

HILLARY practices getting "down" with the People


Obama to shut down more coal plants

Monday, August 3, 2015

Donald Trump - Are you sure you don't love immigrants???

This is an interesting bit of news. I hate it when there is a discrepancy in the speech vs real life.
Here is the right up, and link, to see that Donald enjoys employing visa-legal immigrants.

Donald Trump’s companies applied for more than 1,000 foreign-worker visas. The anti-immigration US presidential candidate has hired hundreds of foreign cooks, vineyard staff, and models.

Hillary, You Will Not Win This Election Without Excitement and Determinatioon

Hillary, I have been writing for the President through Whitehouse Group since 2011, as an Official so I could write to the people and point out things in politics that most people have left up to ethics and promises of the political groups. Due to the huge - huge - void of distrust that the people now have for politicians, this election will go to the one who speaks to the people, for the people, and shows a sense of true promise. 

I have been watching as many Presidential speeches as possible and putting them here on my Blog, Kitty's Ink (Secretary's Ink), I am leaning on Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders as people who could easily pass your opportunity to take this election. They are the only two seemingly entering this unselfish commitment to the people of the United States. 

Mrs. Clinton, frankly you look bored, disinterested, detached, and unsure of this future promise to lead the people. Nobody wants to hear or speak to a person who is so very popular that she thinks her enthusiasm is missing. 

I am not a Democrat or a Republican. I am not a registered as an Independent - I simply am an independent person who has a huge interest in making my country, the United States of America, the place it is promised to be.

Drones - are you kidding? What happened to freedom?

Kitty Kelso

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Bernie Sanders holding his own - Go Bernie

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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Bernie Sanders pulls ahead of GOP Candidates

Donald Trump leads in NH

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Trump Accusation Email Criminal re: Clinton

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Bernie Sanders beginning to move ahead of GOP

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Sunday, July 26, 2015

Cross Removal by Atheiests at Ground Zero?

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Keep it. It represents mostly middle class people, 1st responders already losing over 50% to all types of cancer, and another 1700 dying.. Most of the important upper class people probably weren't even in the buildings yet.. So we have thousands of dead dreams by families of everysingle individual involved, even the bad guys had families. In death one usually and all but globally lift our heads to the heavens because we know our intuition will get us through. That kind of spirit can only be found it faith. Where there is faith, you will eventually find hope, and somewhere during this process you offer charity on the smallest scale first, like a simple smile. Offering a smile is passion an emotion. Emotion is in believing. Leave it up.
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President Obama jokes in Kenya re: birth certificate

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Obama speaks to 5,000 in Kenya

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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Donald Trump throws his hat into the Ring of New Government

Donald Trump
Could very well be the future

Now the election is taking on a sense of reality, Donald Trump has entered the race. He is a visionary. He is a very successful business man. He is a billionaire. He is very intelligent. He has a firm grip on the problems facing him, as he accepts the responsibilities because he loves this country and now the race has been challenged by this man who is determined to make this country great again. 

Donald Trump has been my soul Influencer since an early age. He is the man who gave me the sense of accomplishment in the midst of personal despair. I was a young person who had big dreams. That we have in common. 

My Influencer, running for President.

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Secretary's Ink

Robert Reich gave Hillary Clinton an A for most of her speech yesterday, Saturday the 13th of June. Then he noted a C grade for the following:

But she gets a C or maybe even a failing grade at this point for telling us what she’ll do to fix the problem. She didn’t mention increasing the top income-tax rate, busting up the biggest banks, resurrecting Glass-Steagall, raising the cap on income subject to Social Security payroll taxes, or killing the proposed Trans-Pacific Partnership. She said nothing about raising taxes on great wealth or reviving antitrust enforcement. Nor about how she’d stop the moneyed interests from taking over our democracy.

Hillary don't under-estimate the People and what they are listening for - they want to hear a plan for prosperity in US, not a recap of misery. I realize you are still very much a server to the President and will remain so until his term expires. 

What are we going to do, to get your plan for the People, to the People? Find the words, find solutions - talk with the People not at the People. Leave history behind and create true understandable language that every American citizen can understand regarding politics and your promises. 

Thank you, 
Kitty Kelso 

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Helen Reddy - The Very Best Of Helen Reddy (Full Album)

And so we march.....Hillary, will you lead? Will you??? Please don't buy this election. Come to the people - hear your people. I can have you on a national radio show within weeks. I want you to consider climbing right into the backed up cars, and garages across America, and taking screened calls? Let me know. We should chat, don't you think. I have references: Barack Obama, President

Notes for Hillary

Secretary's Ink
Kitty Kelso

I have been an adviser to the President from my perch inside the LinkedIn Whitehouse Group, as an Official. I am an independent only to me and the people I write for. I have had my ups and downs as an Internet adviser to the President, sometimes he listens and sometimes he doesn't. 

Where I got involved, he has produced in more then one situation. I'll list all the pros that I can, and not any of the cons, as there is too much media. I simply cannot list all of the true negatives.

President Barack Obama will be remembered for the work he did to shake up Washington, D.C. to the point of calling the attention the naive American population. For the first time, the kids will finally have a choice to continue in school after high school for a career. Many more schools and organizations like car makers, are opening up training programs. Not one time have I seen a family member's Social Security payment be decreased in fact there was a slight increase a couple of years ago. I have only seen a drop to almost nil, for medications to those who need them. Red Cross meals on wheels has never missed a day of scheduled daily visits to those who need the support and charity from the great people who donate their time and gas, to deliver these meals. I saw three little Congo children under 6, get into a public school, proud with a backpack and already knowing English. They were born in America. They are citizens. I don't know of anyone who did not get into a senior residence of whom it was time to do make that move. I am still counting the positive changes as I know there are more. Again, this comes from my great interests: our children. I thank Barack Obama for these things, and things similar that you were able to accomplish during your reign. 

Hillary, I thought this would be a landslide for you; and it may. However, the People are much more involved then you ever dreamed possible. I know you are thinking the People's vote doesn't really count much in the end, but I think that change could be in the works. The People want a say in this election, and I've heard some compelling and surprisingly impressive speeches from Bernie Sanders(I, running on D ticket) and Rick Perry (R-Tx). 

My first advice to you, Hillary, with me being an honest indicator of the pulse of the Internet People, would be that you break down the technical politcal jargon. Go to your roots and work to your crowd. Would you be willing to do radio? I can put on on a radio show twice a week across the nation ASAP. Will you take screened phone in caller's questions? It will reach many more people, and it will make you so much more human. 

Good luck. 
Kitty Kelso
References: Barack Obama, President

President B, I need that trade agreement, I have orders from Turkey, India, and possibly Ireland waiting on me. Imagine, KTE Merchant Fleets - see movie at Kitty Kelso,, KTE Merchant Fleets. Let's dip the pen in the ink. Thanking you in advance, your back, Kitty 

Friday, June 5, 2015

Maybe not Hillary??

I have been following politics for over ten years, especially the personal history of those at the top of the organization. I was so sure that Hillary Clinton was the only person who could and would walk into the Oval Office and begin to create a new sense of Patriotism in the United States. I have been adamant that I am and will be for a long time, a non-registered independent. 

Yesterday, I watched 3 new GOP runners for the top seat. Shockingly, Rick Perry had all the right words. He has been the Governor or Texas for close to 14 years. His history of progress for the state in most all areas, is positive. He is directly all of his passion to the re-organizing and deleting many situations that Americans have found themselves in, that cost them a terrible price, affecting most all lives of citizens - some in a fair way, most not in a fair way. 

Friday, May 29, 2015

Flying the Typhoon Through the Mach Loop at Low Level

Take a ride in the back seat of amazing experience with superb audio description as the ride goes on. Use full screen on your computer. Hang on!!! Kitty Kelso

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Pretty Woman - Richard Gere Julia Roberts Full Length Movie

I smile all the way through this movie. It is romance to me. I am honored to have it here on my blog. It is my favorite. Enjoy, Kitty Kelso 

Thursday, May 21, 2015

 I agree on the efforts for immigration. We need these people to love the land too. They should not be illegal and always fearful. Ellis Island holds an organizational wonder, and it worked. We American Citizens can trace our blood lines back generations. Illegals, be proud of where you are living, working and learning. Study the book about United States of America, We will need more English teachers. While some immigrants come knowing a few English words, but not a sentence. I believe the extreme 10 years to renew a greencard It is excessive. It can be renewed for another 10 years and remain in the system to reap even more benefits. I would organize immigration. Kitty Kelso (I)

Saturday, May 16, 2015


What it takes to be a successful entrepreneur! Laying out your heart and willing to feel the emotion of success. You must be willing to be the best. Kitty Kelso 

Monday, May 4, 2015

Hillary, get into every discussion; no more just listening. Bernie Sanders, Sen. Independent is looking and sounding very focused and determined. Kitty Kelso

Sunday, May 3, 2015

I do believe we have a viable contender, an independent, running for the position of President of the United States. Bernie Sanders has some powerful messages, not to the citizens of the US, but more so to the rich and controlling class. He is angry at the changes that have fallen so hard on the middle, lower, and poverty classes of the USA. He states that a 40 hr work week is not what it used to be; it doesn't take care of a family, nor does it house, clothe, feed. provide transportation, nor fuel to transport one person let alone an entire family.

I need to hear Hillary match these issues, as she is the person I have believed to be best for this "job". However, she is not speaking much in her campaigning so far, She says she wants to just "listen". No Hillary, we want you to put this country of patriots back together. Pay attention to Bernie Sanders, Hillary - otherwise, this wise man will steal your votes. How will you help the people who are holding up the United States, fighting in a war where we don't belong and losing security of life daily. What are we doing in a war all of these years, that has not been declared? We really have no right to be involved in their issues. Sadly, I will admit, I find myself listening and reading every word Bernie has to offer. He is angry. He wants to recreate a trustworthy government, corporate businesses, etc. This will be a long year. Kitty Kelso 

Thursday, April 30, 2015

How interesting to see Bernie Sanders join the Democratic presidential campaign. This will create a good circumstance. Bernie will drive Hillary to have to discuss crucial matters that we need for her to discuss. He has the knowledge for a good deal of what we need to know. Bernie, you will be keeping Hillary on her toes. It will be an exciting campaign. I do believe nobody can beat Hillary. She has the world experience that is so vital now for the interests of the United States of America. She knows some of these leaders by their first name no doubt. Bring it on Bernie! Make this the most informative and educative campaign of all time. Thank you for loving our country, and putting yourself in this very bright limelight. Your patriots bless you. Kitty Kelso 

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

This may be a very difficult time for all of us. We have made it in the USA until today, we will make it through the tomorrows. We need meat inspectors, more specific filters for water testing facilities, people to collect data that says our food is safe again. Because it is not now! The sick cows got and people are dying. CDC report. We will need privately owned meat stores, local cattle buying QA, check in the country the feed history of every animal. Our water is in terrible shape. If it were me, I would boil all water used for drinking. Put it through your coffee pot or boil it before putting it in a sterile pitcher for the refrigerator. After baths, wipe down and rinse with an antibacterial creme. Safety is in the hands of the people. Wall Street guys, we need you in the meat market, testing water that will be going into new baby's bottle. Jobs and investment in jobs will turn the Dow/Nasdaq back into legal, honorable institutions. We are turning this country back around today. You won't get another chance to make some plans. Think, jobs??? Safety??? New Yorkers, do what you do best! Create some safety that will go nationally first. Thank you for your attention and your energy to figure this opportunity out. Kitty Kelso 
I'm trying to figure out how to open my next site, have a credit card exchange, and make sure Hillary Clinton has all the support I can offer her with my following and my sharing words that make this trek easier then a normal campaign. We need to make some changes in campaign camps. I will be taking in donations for Hillary to help support her campaign as she travels in first class and buses, and let's the city she is visiting fund the guest rooms for Mrs.. Clinton and troop....
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We are traveling to the Whitehouse! 

Hillary R. Clinton will be the next President of the United States. I predict a landslide of voters, some who have never voted before, to escort this woman into her position to lead this great land of the United States into a great remission! There are promises that were made to the infrastructure citizens that have not been honored at this point, yet must be honored in order for the People to have faith, hope and trust left in this present political system at all. There is much work to do, and I believe the strength of Hillary Clinton, whether she were a woman or a man, is the strength and knowledge that is needed to take that seat of President, and make an honest group of leaders to join her, in working in every dark corner, to straighten up, clean up, and cheer up the Washington D.C. environment including the people who now sit in a leadership capacity over-seeing something that maybe they shouldn't be overseeing. We the people know about all the uncovered secrets, but we don't see any action to punish the obviously lying, cheating, and spying by many testifying in a congressional hearing. That creates doubt and a wonder about a waste of valuable time for these congressional hearings at all. Perjury is supposed to be against the law in the Courts of the United States, yet we see nobody being punished severely for this crime. One cannot go to a congressional hearing and lie. No more. We will set some change factors to be put on a list for Hillary to give her speedy attention to, the minute she hits the desk in the Oval Office. Kitty Kelso 

Thursday, April 23, 2015

A New Era of History, HillaryClinton will be President of USA

Hillary R. Clinton will be the next President of the United States. I predict a landslide of voters, some who have never voted before, to escort this woman into her position to lead these great people of the United States into a great remission! There are promises that were made to the infrastructure citizens that have not been honored at this point, yet must be honored in order for the people to have faith, hope and trust left in this present political system at all. There is much work to do, and I believe the strength of Hillary Clinton, whether she were a woman or a man, is the strength and knowledge that is needed to take that seat of President, and make an honest group of leaders to join her, in working in every dark corner, to straighten up, clean up, and cheer up the Washington D.C. environment including the people who now sit in a leadership capacity over-seeing something that maybe they shouldn't be overseeing. We the people know about all the uncovered secrets, but we don't see any action to punish the obviously lying, cheating, and spying by many testifying in a congressional hearing (or in any other political venue). That creates doubt and a wonder about a waste of valuable time for these congressional hearings at all. Perjury is supposed to be against the law in the Courts of the United States, yet we see nobody being punished mildly or severely for this crime. One cannot go to a congressional hearing and lie. No more. We will set some change factors to be put on a list for Hillary to give her speedy attention to, the minute she hits the desk in the Oval Office. Kitty Kelso