Sunday, August 16, 2015

Trump taking some nasty comments from the real idiots

Don't most billionaires have a touch of narcissism? You bet! How many of our leaders have been self-made independent billionaires - and good, passionate leaders? How many millionaires in the white house on all levels, became successful on the psychopathic level or on our dime? How many just stay in Washington because of the status without big money? All narcissists, but probably not psychopaths (defending this label by another in fairness to Donald). The minute a politician trades even one life for one dollar increase in their bank account - that is the psychopath. There are so many to count. So all I can say about Donald J. Trump, I have always studied his life, and I pray he is the only one who has not done this.....sold a human for a dollar (even through known toxic stock). He is an egotist, he is a confident man, he does love himself, as any sane person should after such success  He sure isn't pretending, or reading a speech someone else wrote. If he were to win this election, anger management should be studied - his temper is too hot now. I don't feel safe with him sitting around red buttons that he might run and slam because another leader of a country insulted him on Twitter. Having said that, as of today, I believe he is the best man for the job. Kitty Kelso.

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