Sunday, May 3, 2015

I do believe we have a viable contender, an independent, running for the position of President of the United States. Bernie Sanders has some powerful messages, not to the citizens of the US, but more so to the rich and controlling class. He is angry at the changes that have fallen so hard on the middle, lower, and poverty classes of the USA. He states that a 40 hr work week is not what it used to be; it doesn't take care of a family, nor does it house, clothe, feed. provide transportation, nor fuel to transport one person let alone an entire family.

I need to hear Hillary match these issues, as she is the person I have believed to be best for this "job". However, she is not speaking much in her campaigning so far, She says she wants to just "listen". No Hillary, we want you to put this country of patriots back together. Pay attention to Bernie Sanders, Hillary - otherwise, this wise man will steal your votes. How will you help the people who are holding up the United States, fighting in a war where we don't belong and losing security of life daily. What are we doing in a war all of these years, that has not been declared? We really have no right to be involved in their issues. Sadly, I will admit, I find myself listening and reading every word Bernie has to offer. He is angry. He wants to recreate a trustworthy government, corporate businesses, etc. This will be a long year. Kitty Kelso 

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