Sunday, June 14, 2015

Secretary's Ink

Robert Reich gave Hillary Clinton an A for most of her speech yesterday, Saturday the 13th of June. Then he noted a C grade for the following:

But she gets a C or maybe even a failing grade at this point for telling us what she’ll do to fix the problem. She didn’t mention increasing the top income-tax rate, busting up the biggest banks, resurrecting Glass-Steagall, raising the cap on income subject to Social Security payroll taxes, or killing the proposed Trans-Pacific Partnership. She said nothing about raising taxes on great wealth or reviving antitrust enforcement. Nor about how she’d stop the moneyed interests from taking over our democracy.

Hillary don't under-estimate the People and what they are listening for - they want to hear a plan for prosperity in US, not a recap of misery. I realize you are still very much a server to the President and will remain so until his term expires. 

What are we going to do, to get your plan for the People, to the People? Find the words, find solutions - talk with the People not at the People. Leave history behind and create true understandable language that every American citizen can understand regarding politics and your promises. 

Thank you, 
Kitty Kelso 

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