Friday, November 30, 2012

The Oars are in the Water

The plans are coming together; the wind is at our backs. Join me as we build one of the largest Job Boards for Workers and Employers that will criss-cross the USA by the Jobs being offered by Human Resources (like Monster), Companies, Unions, Non-Unions, Independent Owners'businesses. It is important that Workers understand they will be provided with a free website to tell their story; answer a few questions (simple), and we will "marry" you with the jobs that will suit your interests, hobbies, talents, or work-related experience. There is work for you. There are workers for the employers. My main goal is to rebuild the American Infrastructure which I promised to help do. We already have over 500,000 jobs to offer. It is now time for me to organize this entire event. Please read my blog at Kitty's Ink, or join me at Kitty Kelso with comments or questions. You can send individual issues to or You can send me comments @URNUTEACHER @Twitter also. My company is called KTE Business ReOrganization System, my services will be free from me to all of you. After the USA is rebuilt, we will be able to help countries around the globe how to join in this effort of choosing a life of freedom that means making a team to see that happen. Please join me. Kitty Kelso 

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Building a Huge Bulletin Board

As the fire flickers from the irons that burn, it is a mind challenging opportunity to ask all HR's, Companies, Individual Employers, to give me permission to add them to my Job Board for Employers. I will add their icon to the top of the board, each time job opportunities for all levels of employment are received. If no icon or ID, we will just add a name. All good Americans look at your phone book and see the number of possibilities for job opportunities.

I was hoping to hear from where I am a member to see if they would handle the board on their site; but I haven't gotten an answer yet.

There will be a second board for Employees/Workers who are looking for employment. I am creating a one page free website for job seekers to create. This will hopefully have a podcast for a short statement; and a few very simple questions. It will not be a typical resume..

We are creating a marriage between Job Employers and Job Seekers. I would appreciate any ideas to simplify the process. In the meantime, I will continue with my own promise. I am helping to rebuild infrastructure of America, and I would love to get honest reports when you fill any position. Just send to Tell me then if I can use your logo, icon, or name to give you the attention you deserve. Watch for me as I visit all of the sites that I can, to make sure this goal is fulfilled. Kitty Kelso