Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Donald Trump throws his hat into the Ring of New Government

Donald Trump
Could very well be the future

Now the election is taking on a sense of reality, Donald Trump has entered the race. He is a visionary. He is a very successful business man. He is a billionaire. He is very intelligent. He has a firm grip on the problems facing him, as he accepts the responsibilities because he loves this country and now the race has been challenged by this man who is determined to make this country great again. 

Donald Trump has been my soul Influencer since an early age. He is the man who gave me the sense of accomplishment in the midst of personal despair. I was a young person who had big dreams. That we have in common. 

My Influencer, running for President.

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Secretary's Ink

Robert Reich gave Hillary Clinton an A for most of her speech yesterday, Saturday the 13th of June. Then he noted a C grade for the following:

But she gets a C or maybe even a failing grade at this point for telling us what she’ll do to fix the problem. She didn’t mention increasing the top income-tax rate, busting up the biggest banks, resurrecting Glass-Steagall, raising the cap on income subject to Social Security payroll taxes, or killing the proposed Trans-Pacific Partnership. She said nothing about raising taxes on great wealth or reviving antitrust enforcement. Nor about how she’d stop the moneyed interests from taking over our democracy.

Hillary don't under-estimate the People and what they are listening for - they want to hear a plan for prosperity in US, not a recap of misery. I realize you are still very much a server to the President and will remain so until his term expires. 

What are we going to do, to get your plan for the People, to the People? Find the words, find solutions - talk with the People not at the People. Leave history behind and create true understandable language that every American citizen can understand regarding politics and your promises. 

Thank you, 
Kitty Kelso 

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Helen Reddy - The Very Best Of Helen Reddy (Full Album)

And so we march.....Hillary, will you lead? Will you??? Please don't buy this election. Come to the people - hear your people. I can have you on a national radio show within weeks. I want you to consider climbing right into the backed up cars, and garages across America, and taking screened calls? Let me know. We should chat, don't you think. I have references: Barack Obama, President

Notes for Hillary

Secretary's Ink
Kitty Kelso

I have been an adviser to the President from my perch inside the LinkedIn Whitehouse Group, as an Official. I am an independent only to me and the people I write for. I have had my ups and downs as an Internet adviser to the President, sometimes he listens and sometimes he doesn't. 

Where I got involved, he has produced in more then one situation. I'll list all the pros that I can, and not any of the cons, as there is too much media. I simply cannot list all of the true negatives.

President Barack Obama will be remembered for the work he did to shake up Washington, D.C. to the point of calling the attention the naive American population. For the first time, the kids will finally have a choice to continue in school after high school for a career. Many more schools and organizations like car makers, are opening up training programs. Not one time have I seen a family member's Social Security payment be decreased in fact there was a slight increase a couple of years ago. I have only seen a drop to almost nil, for medications to those who need them. Red Cross meals on wheels has never missed a day of scheduled daily visits to those who need the support and charity from the great people who donate their time and gas, to deliver these meals. I saw three little Congo children under 6, get into a public school, proud with a backpack and already knowing English. They were born in America. They are citizens. I don't know of anyone who did not get into a senior residence of whom it was time to do make that move. I am still counting the positive changes as I know there are more. Again, this comes from my great interests: our children. I thank Barack Obama for these things, and things similar that you were able to accomplish during your reign. 

Hillary, I thought this would be a landslide for you; and it may. However, the People are much more involved then you ever dreamed possible. I know you are thinking the People's vote doesn't really count much in the end, but I think that change could be in the works. The People want a say in this election, and I've heard some compelling and surprisingly impressive speeches from Bernie Sanders(I, running on D ticket) and Rick Perry (R-Tx). 

My first advice to you, Hillary, with me being an honest indicator of the pulse of the Internet People, would be that you break down the technical politcal jargon. Go to your roots and work to your crowd. Would you be willing to do radio? I can put on on a radio show twice a week across the nation ASAP. Will you take screened phone in caller's questions? It will reach many more people, and it will make you so much more human. 

Good luck. 
Kitty Kelso
References: Barack Obama, President

President B, I need that trade agreement, I have orders from Turkey, India, and possibly Ireland waiting on me. Imagine, KTE Merchant Fleets - see movie at Kitty Kelso, YouTube.com, KTE Merchant Fleets. Let's dip the pen in the ink. Thanking you in advance, your back, Kitty 

Friday, June 5, 2015

Maybe not Hillary??

I have been following politics for over ten years, especially the personal history of those at the top of the organization. I was so sure that Hillary Clinton was the only person who could and would walk into the Oval Office and begin to create a new sense of Patriotism in the United States. I have been adamant that I am and will be for a long time, a non-registered independent. 

Yesterday, I watched 3 new GOP runners for the top seat. Shockingly, Rick Perry had all the right words. He has been the Governor or Texas for close to 14 years. His history of progress for the state in most all areas, is positive. He is directly all of his passion to the re-organizing and deleting many situations that Americans have found themselves in, that cost them a terrible price, affecting most all lives of citizens - some in a fair way, most not in a fair way.