Thursday, September 3, 2015

Trump signed to be loyal to GOP,

I suggest that we all get ready for some big quick plans.. Change can sometimes be the best path you have ever taken. He is talking JOBS. I know there are openings across America. Donald suggested English be the common language for USA. He is asking for more education to make that easier for all people having a conversation. I agree. I have suggested Adult and Child classes for this. Most kids end up knowing two languages fluently; but in American, pick a commitment when you choose America as your home, come legally by registering at your local ports. We have excellent education and we will learn to understand one-another.

I cursed at Trump the minute he said "Signed". Then he began to speak from his heart. He is a man of his word even if they are condemning, or organizing. I am still trying to get a handle on ethics. He might just be the best candidate we have had since Theodore Roosevelt. I see much of the same personalities. I also see some Richard Nixon. The difference is Trump is saying what he is thinking no matter what it sounds like - that kind of makes him more trustworthy, doesn't it? Nixon smiled to everyone when on camera, and he let the word bombs and terrible negative decisions that cost him his seat. Donald J. Trump will be the next President. I have not been wrong for as long as I have been interested (since Kennedy, but I wasn't old enough to vote yet). Trump if I were you, I would look to the stars and say "Thank Y

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