Friday, November 20, 2015

Monday, November 16, 2015

Kitty's Ink
Application to Google for hire
Beg for Investors
Family Business (
a.k.a. Secretary's Ink
Serial Entrepreneur
Minimum Salary: $20,000,000 & Stock Options

I am waiting for investors because I have oars like this ship ready to make big money. The USA could use our tax money by getting these plans on a magic carpet. Google, Twitter, Yahoo, MSN, etc, trust me. Check my stats. I am good at giving companies like AT&T what to expect in each quarter of the year but my true passion is in the logically arriving at the knowledge that creates business and fixes others.

I would like to honor my ex-husband (173rd, 82nd, Airborne and Special Forces, 5 wives but I was lucky to be #1, The war took him away, he was never the same. I still respect him, I always have. He didn't like being part of a Family Business (LI) that I was born into. There is too much control at the top. Mafia Family type. My husband was never going to live under anyone's control - especially my Multi-millionaire father. So I agreed with my husband and chose to follow my 20 year medical career. I was my father's daughter, I have a playground of projects ready to market stored in my head and on various Internet sites - I have always had a passion to keep moving forward, it was something that was just part of who I became during the time of making this idea and dream (his 10th try) for my dad and me to not launch - I didn't know advertising and marketing yet at the start of 12 yrs old. But, with my marketing & advertising for American Cycle Agency, something that had my interest and attention. Bam! We made it! He went from up front money $25K to several million within two years. I left the Family Business for my medical career. He should have been happy for me. Not in this type of family. Many of people on the "Will" are spending it all. His second set of kids are still waiting for their meager inheritance. My sister was Power of Attorney. Her drinking buddies are in the "Will". 

I am very proud that my father served in the Navy during WWII and a brother who has been serving the Navy even after his time was up. He teaches safety so the people can have fun. My other brother died two years ago the 23rd of this month, who was left out of the will too, and he needed it the most. He was a proud to be a Marine who served in Viet Nam. He didn't come back the same either from that war. Two siblings have died. It has been a 5 year hold up while my sister, power of attorney, kept the beautiful 3 story red business building tied up in her fight to keep every single building and other real estate. She and another sister have houses in Las Vegas. Huh? New cars, new homes, grandkids home, travel to Hawaii many times a year for 5 years - while time passes and the rest of the more then worthy Family Business family haven't received a dime. Superior Techs? Legal Zoom? Help. I have proof. Easy one-third return for Lawyer team. 

I am sharing this with everyone that will read it. Thank you Yahoo, UK & Ireland - you have always been "the wind beneath my wings". Google we need to get involved - we are wasting time getting this economy on it's way up, up, and away. I need $2M to buy a radio station to start Richard Branson, Invest? Google, Time to get this ship back in the water. This is a career resume.. In the\meantime, I have loved writing for all the little people like me, and I will continue to do so. I am not a Dem or a GOP - I am only me - but I will give you my best call for the next President of the United States of America. Be sure to visit my recommendations at I come with references you will find there and other places. Kitty Kelso

Tuesday, November 10, 2015


The clowns and weaklings are dropping as real contenders in this extraordinary race; full of controversy, entertainment, and sure to be changes. The pack thins as those not worthy of a front position fall behind, and the people who were just along for the shock or mockery of the Constitution itself - are left in the dust.

BERNIE SANDERS takes the lead. He is an Independent; he has experience; he has run with the pack; he doesn't like them. He did not take this leap of faith to be President because it feels like his ego is waning or he is losing his hair - he has started his passion with just the belief in what he felt passionate about. It seems so did millions of people, as people of all walks of life have been contributing to his campaign and thus, it grows.

Now if we can get some media FACTS - FACTS without bias - the people will show you at the polls that America cannot and will not be bought by an individual (Trump), or a set-up candidate like Hillary Clinton. I wanted to see Hillary get the nomination, but I don't see her heart or her passion in this race at all. Something is holding her back.

Go Bernie, Go. Let's see how far we can get you over the next several months. We the People have a lot to learn because we have given much too much trust to the political arena over a lifetime and we are now paying attention. How do we get the People's vote to count? One human owns Minnesota. How is that possible? Because it is. The Mayo Clinic is in Minnesota. Huh?! Do your homework. Forbes has details. So does Washington D.C.

Donald Trump, you gave outdone yourself on all you have to offer. You will always be a good business man - but you bit off too much ego going on SNL and mocking your political arena. Your speeches have become redundant and you have shown us you are just that - a business man - not a political man who believes in the Constitution but only recognizes those parts that fit your agenda. People are what matters in this country - first not numbers.

Politicians have it all backwards.