Thursday, August 27, 2015

Hillary and Trump looking weak

 I have come to the conclusion that neither of them are well-rounded enough in the issues to protect the people and their land. Hillary is entrenched in World views and issues, and Donald can't get out of making numbers for his success and being child-like. Both of them combined exude a distraction that I worry will leave each of them being "Not Enough". to Lead America. Bernie Sanders needs much more protection and attention. He needs a security team. Mosr people hate the politicians and Bernie was attacked at his speech in Seattle. He had only one man with him, the two of them left the podium to the rioters with class. See it on YouTube. I am very disappointed in the dreams I had for each of them, don't look to be coming true. Watch the polls start to slide. Joe Biden and Jeb Bush don"t stand a chance for different reasons I am thinking Col. Clarkston; but I am worried about a GOP house and Supreme Court. We need someone who is not already a politician, Wait, I have this one - Sarah Palin!! Surprise!!!!

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