Sunday, August 21, 2016

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Kitty Kelso, Internet
Pres. B Obama,

It's a sunny day, the simple difference between gloom and glory. I have been frozen in a place not unlike the best basketball game you ever attended. You know the one, when each team player matches point for point the entire game, and you are on the edge of your seat wondering, holding your breath, will there be overtime? No, not like this game has been played. There will be a winner. It is a long game with such anticipation and excitement. Who will win?

I have tried to keep my promise to myself to stay out of politics and comments about the economy. I am stuck in the middle of that state of sitting on the edge of my seat. I backed Barack Obama, even though I am an Independent and always will be. I encouraged thousands/millions of people across this internet to vote for Barry! Thousands did. I begged him to return to Washington and "clean house". Now I wonder, is that exactly what he is doing? Are these the changes that are necessary to bring the bad representatives to the forefront, so we can see the greed across the board? Or, have I been fooled, backing a man who had no intention of saving America - at least for Americans? It is still the middle of the game, and I see no progress. I see regress. Is it necessary to achieve a fair level of existence in this country? Perhaps.

This game, is the most important game of the history of the United States of America. One basket will decide the winner - do we lose the wonder of being United? Will our States be sold off one by one to other countries? Will the media tell us the truth as things unfold? How many fouls? How many "leaders" will be thrown out of the game? How many Americans will be ruined or killed in order to rebuild the bank of the people? There are 42 states fighting an epidemic and were told not to report it to the CDC (Center for Disease Control). No doubt sales for Tamiflu and OTC pain medications have hit an all time high. Stock should climb once again for the pharmaceutical companies, they will reach the top of the charts. How could anyone keep such a fast moving epidemic fly though 42 states unreported? Oklahoma finally brought it to the attention of the world. It is a sorry bacteria born illness that plants itself in the sinuses and drops to the lungs. Healthy people will be able to beat it. Sick, disabled, young, feeble and elderly will not. It will drag them down, down, down until they die of exhaustion. It might take months, but it will do the job. All will need fresh air; it is the only way to beat this epidemic. I just hope the air is truly fresh. Thank you CDC for alerting us to the evidence of this extremely contagious nosomal disease. Now we can take precautions.

In the overall picture of the United States of America, I do believe the people are on their feet. Nobody is ignoring politics today. The stock market will fall drastically within the next couple of months. Exports and imports will be at an all time low. The citizens will be "sand-bagging" their money, so fearful of the future security of simply having a home, their own home. Not just a place to stay while the government collects equities to fill failing banks, as they will fail. Some are already suggesting a percentage of money for keeping an account for businesses and individuals. Imagine, it has come to that.

So, Americans must change. They must prepare for a Drone, camera, phone and Internet bugging existence. It will be a sorry state for both teams as we wait out the outcome of this "game". No one, no one should under-estimate the strength and patriotic commitment of the Citizens of this American team. We will sand-bag, just in case this drastic take over does not show its final outcome by the fourth quarter, final buzzer of this unbelievable plan. I don't even know if it is a plan, it just might have been destiny for years.

Government vs Citizens. We will give little resistance so as not to be Droned (bio?) in our neighborhoods. Have we already? I have seen a Drone go over my home several times in a half hour. It looks like a huge bird. There will be little need for the Drone. The citizens have their own way of holding the ball, killing time, killing the "plan". It won't be a thought out plan, it will be a survival plan. They are quite different when you measure the energy level involved. Your checks are already automatically sent to the bank for most jobs or careers. It is you who must get your money from them. Perhaps, money orders are a safe way of paying your bills after you withdraw your earnings? Once the bank declares bankruptcy, your money stays in the bank or credit union. It goes down with the holder. It ends up at the governments door.

The stocks will rise, the stocks will fall. Then the same sequence will follow, over and over. The only stock worth investing in for now, is in yourself. Nail your shudders, sand-bag your property, keep your shelves stocked with food, medicines, and toys for the little ones. Use public transportation, or cut down to one car per family. Put your money in your pockets; but, don't feel rich. It is now a budget world for the people as well as the politicians.

This game will play itself out. The anticipation will end. The glory will be in the peace and agreements between the two teams. Good game, they will say to each other. Balance, we can balance a budget. Americans come from every country in the world practically. We are a strong people. We have had to start over in a strange country in our distant past. We can do it all over again. The sadness is in the place where this game is being played. It is on the ground of Liberty, Freedom, and Peace. Dreams come true in America. We will pay our debts to other countries that we knew nothing about when they were borrowed. As we rebuild in the end of the game, we will pay a percentage of our take-home pay to each country. However, the United States of America is not for sale, nor will it ever be. We welcome people who want to come to America, to come legally. There is an Ellis Island where all new home finders registered, and because of that we can look back and see where our brave families come from and rejoice that they made us what we are today.

Osama Bin Laden had the huge plan to bring America to its knees economically. Are we there yet? The plan continues to affect a great number of people; however, I do not see the huge changes that are threatened yet. Perhaps the good people are already pulling up the slack in the unfairness of it all. Internet monies & jobs,  Pensions? Healthcare? Savings? 401Ks? College funds? Home equity? Today, it belongs to the people; soon it will be taxed right out of their pockets if the referees don't start calling foul when there is one. I pray for a good game, one that wins for the people. The government people are elected officials, no more intelligent then the people who elected them. It is a sorry state that we finally realized most platform speeches are not the words of the politician, but of someone else who writes what the people want to hear. Politicians are our equal different only because they seemed to have an interest in making things better for their states. We believed their platform words and we voted to put them in the Capitol to represent us, not because they were smarter, wiser, or better. Washington, D.C. has a history of changing egotistically inclined men/women during the power struggles that go on behind closed doors with decisions often ending with greed in mind.

I hope the world is rooting for the good team, the good people. I hope that includes Barack Obama; as I put my heart into his soul, into his words, into the future he painted for American Citizens. Do I agree with all of his decisions so far, heck no. I do however, realize I am not standing in his shoes and perhaps if I were, I would have to be calling some plays now, in order to make the game end fairly.

Today is 7.13.13; I see a tail spin; please call the Best of the Best knowledgeable experts for situations that you are not knowledgeable about. There are so many negative irons in the fire-today we could "shoe" a herd of horses. The information in paragraph two up^, has come to fruition. We know how we (the middle class) have been dealt the heaviest burden for surviving this infrastructure plan, the opposite of the political prose; it's the only topic of chatter on the street. I see and feel the anger building inside of some very wise and informed people. Call D. Trump, spend hrs respecting the enormous amount of intellect that just might rub off; you will learn from him - he will learn from you. Perhaps, you can ask Donald to join you with acquiring the right people to sit at the United States Emergency Council. Warren Buffet? You, Pres.B, are left with the 8-ball, no easy shot. Admit the need for the council, you have the Class to carry it out with nothing but respect and admiration for taking your only shot; call in the greatest council to ever sit with you in Washington, or Chicago. As always, Your back, Kitty Kelso

Sunday, August 14, 2016


An amazing discovery, EQ (emotional quotient). It is when a truly driven person with a high EQ and IQ exhibits passion! Try to realize this can create an individual with successful understanding of most all of your titled knowledge sites. The best find is a true proven visionary who can lead any group (after short understanding of company) to success. It's just what their brain does for the fun of it. Imagine loving building all businesses to be the very best they can be and beyond? HP had 6 visionaries at the top once. I always referred to it on the Internet, especially Twitter, as the Little Engine that Could and Did. However, without ethics in only one of it's visionaries, you will fail or not grow to your potential or lose everything - like trust. It will take many years to see a rebuilding of new visions, new trust, new accomplishments. I see that in HP now and I recommend them highly. Building teams is what I love to do with any business or life challenges no matter how big - then we all work together and find the proper direction - not far away. With logic, strategy, lateral thinking, ability to communicate knowledge - and you have a leader. 
Ethics = Trust = Success
Kitty Kelso