Friday, September 25, 2015

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

The entertainment of Donald J. Trump will be dying down soon. The situation for his presidential run, is that he simply cannot come down to the "normal" People's class during this campaign. We will be numbers on a spreadsheet for him and the easiest people to eliminate from the budget because there is no way for "normal" people to fight the government on any changes, as we exist without proper funds to hire big strong attorneys, the funds are not big business and all their loop holes (they do have attorneys on hand) - it will be the little guys, Kitty Kelso 

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Trump bites the dust? - No just more fuel to move ahead

Why do I keep smiling when DT misbehaves? Maybe that is too strong of a word, acts as himself. His running campaign mate, Carly Fiorina was let go from HP for ethics violations with a $50M severance package. $25M to get her out the door; and another $25 or so over the next five years. She landed the HP company on the floor of a congressional hearing. When it was over, so was her career at HP. Don't let her fool you, she can't even buy reference letters. She is funding her own launch to this stage and this campaign. I would not vote for her to sweep the roads. I have followed her career. I will say here and I will tell DT, this woman is a visionary - much like he thinks of himself. She will have good strategy and logical planning. She will do homework and present her findings to diminish the Achilles heel of DT especially, and the other candidates. She is intelligent - but proven unethical - bringing down a huge powerful company like HP. She was bugging phones and the Internets before it was legal (was it ever?). The government has mastered that intrusion. She stole directly from me. I noticed my computer kicking on and off in middle of night. It was an HP used. I set a trap and got the police involved. So I placed a market plan I had made for New York Times for new laptops coming out during Christmas shopping season minus pricing. Two Sundays later there was my marketing plan in the NYTimes Online! Ms. Fiorina and I went back and forth about integrity through emails, and a few of the other five visionaries became aware of this situation and other illegal practices. DT will continue to grow in popularity because he will learn and form teams to be in charge of this or that information and report it to him. He has a mediocre business mind inheriting his money from his father. DT also accumulated almost a billion dollars in bankruptcies. Does he have respect for people not of his class - no. That is the problem that could shake the ground of USA. Kitty Kelso

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

whitney houston i will always love you lyrics - YouTube

whitney houston i will always love you lyrics - YouTube

To all of the technicians, programmers, and engineers that have created a bed of clouds for me to finally achieve an important goal - that I was not sure of before, but I have it in my sights. You are the wind beneath my wings. Patience has been our virtue. I thank all of you from all walks of the Internet who have always lifted me higher then I was aware I could go. I'm going for the dream job. A tour bus. and some sign on letter of credit. Back pay? Negotiable.

Talk about a start up, huh!



Harry Chapin She Sings Her Songs Without Words (Soundstage)

I would love to think these words were sung with me in mind; but, his life was a gift to everyone lucky enough to follow his fantastic messages while he lived. I miss him. Kitty Kelso

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Trump signed to be loyal to GOP,

I suggest that we all get ready for some big quick plans.. Change can sometimes be the best path you have ever taken. He is talking JOBS. I know there are openings across America. Donald suggested English be the common language for USA. He is asking for more education to make that easier for all people having a conversation. I agree. I have suggested Adult and Child classes for this. Most kids end up knowing two languages fluently; but in American, pick a commitment when you choose America as your home, come legally by registering at your local ports. We have excellent education and we will learn to understand one-another.

I cursed at Trump the minute he said "Signed". Then he began to speak from his heart. He is a man of his word even if they are condemning, or organizing. I am still trying to get a handle on ethics. He might just be the best candidate we have had since Theodore Roosevelt. I see much of the same personalities. I also see some Richard Nixon. The difference is Trump is saying what he is thinking no matter what it sounds like - that kind of makes him more trustworthy, doesn't it? Nixon smiled to everyone when on camera, and he let the word bombs and terrible negative decisions that cost him his seat. Donald J. Trump will be the next President. I have not been wrong for as long as I have been interested (since Kennedy, but I wasn't old enough to vote yet). Trump if I were you, I would look to the stars and say "Thank Y