Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Donald Trump no Pied Piper

How do we get Donald to feel what the non-billionaires, millionaires, or even thousand-aires feel? How does he walk in our shoes without judging the honest, and evicting the non-honest participants on the government's bill? Programs are being shut downthat the honest people need and is rt of the nations guarantee for assistance.

Systematically he will attack this problem like he would attack people stealing from his casino. I am beginning to believe he could do this job, President of United States. Donald and Bernie are showing true emotion FOR the country. Now if Donald will just work, also, FOR the People, we would have a battle for the seat. Hillary is not showing her strength as potential President, and I know she has the knowledge and experience. GOP's are drowning her in past situations that do not affect the People, Considering how corrupt most Washington politicians and company are turning out to be,after Bengazi, I would be changing my frequency and alternate delivery of email too - as someone just tried to kill her. She has fallen back. I believe there is fear in her campaign so far - why? This does not look like a woman running for the Presidency. Hillary, hang in there. You are the person to beat. Kitty Kelso

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