Thursday, August 27, 2015

Hillary and Trump looking weak

 I have come to the conclusion that neither of them are well-rounded enough in the issues to protect the people and their land. Hillary is entrenched in World views and issues, and Donald can't get out of making numbers for his success and being child-like. Both of them combined exude a distraction that I worry will leave each of them being "Not Enough". to Lead America. Bernie Sanders needs much more protection and attention. He needs a security team. Mosr people hate the politicians and Bernie was attacked at his speech in Seattle. He had only one man with him, the two of them left the podium to the rioters with class. See it on YouTube. I am very disappointed in the dreams I had for each of them, don't look to be coming true. Watch the polls start to slide. Joe Biden and Jeb Bush don"t stand a chance for different reasons I am thinking Col. Clarkston; but I am worried about a GOP house and Supreme Court. We need someone who is not already a politician, Wait, I have this one - Sarah Palin!! Surprise!!!!

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Donald, please create a chart - show us what your plans on for the American Citizens - your neighbors - we just play golf at a community course, or play put-put at the sadly disappearing Put-Put entertainment fun - we don't own a golf course, I did own a family casino, but it was not on my side of the 12 kids my self made nine digit multimillionaire father. He didn't get his gambling license from the State of IL. He spent a millions lobbying for the 4 story completely renovated and decorated from the finest Amish made wood though-out, carpet on three floors, elegant chandlers, on three floors from Las Vegas where he and his child bride had three homes - I didn't get a nickel, and I was his only start-up partner. I walked out after the first few million, I have been rich and I have lived on a girl scout's precise budget. I am own that level - yet I am a visionary also. I have great references - one, Baraclk Obama, and You need me. You will lose without someone who knows what these people need you to focus on how your changes will eventually (within a year) effect the real_People. We aren't dump, ignorant, or lazy. We are your neighbors. and the country is being held up by this class (anyone but your class) is holding together the infrastructure for all of you - and you are a politician. I hate that you are a GOP - that is such a bummer for me. I may not vote for you, even if you are at the winner's circle for sure. They cannot help the People - and frankly we are getting weary with our thumb stuck in the dam for all of you on our dime, on our family. We are not politicians. We don't want to associate with them these days. Too much hit us, too soon, and too fast. It is a shock for most people. Dining in the hospital food lines is getting longer for family. Our gov. Rauner is fixing the roads first. That is how you see your position on being President of the United States, but not Leader of the People for the People. We paid the taxes you guys are putting into your daily budgets and you just don't get it, you will write off expenses, hire your family as help and pay them a whopping salary that will also be written off, and anything other way you can beat this taxable expense next year. We get that too. We are only hearing words Donald J. Trump and we all need (99% of American Citizens) substance. This will be a word of mouth (the best Advertiser, as well as Facebook & the Internet) to assure your success election day. Just a thought and a strategic outcome in my eyes only. Kitty Kelso, Secretary's Ink. p.s. Gas taxes have doubled for the Labor Day holiday - can you call someone about that, Illinois
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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Trump bites the Dust???

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Trump taking some nasty comments from the real idiots

Don't most billionaires have a touch of narcissism? You bet! How many of our leaders have been self-made independent billionaires - and good, passionate leaders? How many millionaires in the white house on all levels, became successful on the psychopathic level or on our dime? How many just stay in Washington because of the status without big money? All narcissists, but probably not psychopaths (defending this label by another in fairness to Donald). The minute a politician trades even one life for one dollar increase in their bank account - that is the psychopath. There are so many to count. So all I can say about Donald J. Trump, I have always studied his life, and I pray he is the only one who has not done this.....sold a human for a dollar (even through known toxic stock). He is an egotist, he is a confident man, he does love himself, as any sane person should after such success  He sure isn't pretending, or reading a speech someone else wrote. If he were to win this election, anger management should be studied - his temper is too hot now. I don't feel safe with him sitting around red buttons that he might run and slam because another leader of a country insulted him on Twitter. Having said that, as of today, I believe he is the best man for the job. Kitty Kelso.

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Donald Trump no Pied Piper

How do we get Donald to feel what the non-billionaires, millionaires, or even thousand-aires feel? How does he walk in our shoes without judging the honest, and evicting the non-honest participants on the government's bill? Programs are being shut downthat the honest people need and is rt of the nations guarantee for assistance.

Systematically he will attack this problem like he would attack people stealing from his casino. I am beginning to believe he could do this job, President of United States. Donald and Bernie are showing true emotion FOR the country. Now if Donald will just work, also, FOR the People, we would have a battle for the seat. Hillary is not showing her strength as potential President, and I know she has the knowledge and experience. GOP's are drowning her in past situations that do not affect the People, Considering how corrupt most Washington politicians and company are turning out to be,after Bengazi, I would be changing my frequency and alternate delivery of email too - as someone just tried to kill her. She has fallen back. I believe there is fear in her campaign so far - why? This does not look like a woman running for the Presidency. Hillary, hang in there. You are the person to beat. Kitty Kelso

Monday, August 10, 2015

Bernie Sanders is a fine candidate.

He fights for all rights in fairness. 

Thursday, August 6, 2015


Tuesday, August 4, 2015

HILLARY practices getting "down" with the People


Obama to shut down more coal plants

Monday, August 3, 2015

Donald Trump - Are you sure you don't love immigrants???

This is an interesting bit of news. I hate it when there is a discrepancy in the speech vs real life.
Here is the right up, and link, to see that Donald enjoys employing visa-legal immigrants.

Donald Trump’s companies applied for more than 1,000 foreign-worker visas. The anti-immigration US presidential candidate has hired hundreds of foreign cooks, vineyard staff, and models.

Hillary, You Will Not Win This Election Without Excitement and Determinatioon

Hillary, I have been writing for the President through Whitehouse Group since 2011, as an Official so I could write to the people and point out things in politics that most people have left up to ethics and promises of the political groups. Due to the huge - huge - void of distrust that the people now have for politicians, this election will go to the one who speaks to the people, for the people, and shows a sense of true promise. 

I have been watching as many Presidential speeches as possible and putting them here on my Blog, Kitty's Ink (Secretary's Ink), I am leaning on Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders as people who could easily pass your opportunity to take this election. They are the only two seemingly entering this unselfish commitment to the people of the United States. 

Mrs. Clinton, frankly you look bored, disinterested, detached, and unsure of this future promise to lead the people. Nobody wants to hear or speak to a person who is so very popular that she thinks her enthusiasm is missing. 

I am not a Democrat or a Republican. I am not a registered as an Independent - I simply am an independent person who has a huge interest in making my country, the United States of America, the place it is promised to be.

Drones - are you kidding? What happened to freedom?

Kitty Kelso