Thursday, January 3, 2013

No Cliff for Americans

Newpaper Alert

Attn: public

Subject: We the People are Not going over a Cliff - Washington D.C., reports that we just did.

Date: December 21, 2012

From: Kitty Kelso (URNUTEACHER)

Today, I would like to inform you of a project that thepeople of the Internet have worked very hard to put together. We are attempting to create the largest “Job Board” that can affect all USA citizens who are looking for work. It is time for us all to reach out and grab an opportunity that is being sent daily by computer; iphone; newspapers; and/or the Internet.

Unfortunately, many Americans do not have access to a computer in order to go toYahoo or , and other carriers like MSN and Google, where they will find employers and human resource companies advertising for a worker. We are working to put all jobs available in one place. Google has offered 50,000 free webpages for business. The jobs are filling the columns of classified sections for the workers to consider. The JOB BOARDS are getting huge. There are over 500,000 waiting on just one majjor site, like Yahoo Jobs..

There is no charge. There is no money left in the pockets of the people who must find work now. It is in my deepest sincerity that I ask employers and companies to absorb the human resource costs for one year, until 2014.

I am contacting Greyhound buses, Amtrak Railroad - reaching out to Air Travel for furtherr trips, and asking for a much needed special price for accommodations as job searchers interview for new employment or work on contracts in your city. Possibly, we will see relocations across the country, across a home state, across a nation.

I hope all of these services will become part of this rebuild effort for the United States of America. We can help our citizens by creating a failsafe trail of goodwill. We the People will do all we can to rebuild our infrastructure.

I need good owners and entrepreneurs who can or will invest in start-up dreams with a good plan. I can tell you a high interest loan will kill the entire project for you and US regrowth. High interest is an enemy we never saw coming, but rather than high taxes, it is the bank and loan companies that more than doubled interest on loans that had been the same for many years. In the tiny print, there was the amount of new interest going from the normal 6.99% est. to over 20%, increasing payments that eventually could not be made. Homes, cars, and businesses have been lost due to this surprise. Now there is a worldwide loan company charging 40% interest on a small loans. This is the silent battle that rages and has taken its toll in most US families. We can jump-start this program as all leaders can suggest this project to your own company or your own investment interests. Invest in the People of the United States of America. Then, we can invest in the rest of the world.

Citizens of America, this is an offer that you shouldn't refuse. It is a chance to rebuild your lives, and most likely it may only come in the year of 2013. I give you my promise that as the information becomes more specific and fine tuned, you will be the first to know. Understand that the jobs are already on the job boards of most popular Internet sites. Just go to your favorite Internet homepage (like Yahoo) and look for Jobs, or put Jobs in the search box. We will try to gather them into one site as the “Job Board” progresses.

We hope to supply you with a web page to use, as well as an irregular type of resume in order for employers to look for workers to contact. If you have no computer, or iphone, find a friend who does or go to a library or university library where you will find help in connecting with the “Job Board” being made just for you. Consider relocation, as this would offer you the best opportunity for the best match in your new life's work. It's not often we get a chance to make a new choice to work in an area of true interest.

I will offer updated information each week. You can find it via my site at Blogger:, where you can ask specific questions and I will answer or obtain the answer for you. Next Sunday, look to your computer, your iphone, or to the newspapers for new JOBS. Some newspapers will carry thousands of jobs available in their own states. Perhaps it would be a good idea to order and receive that large paper in your mail.

I wish you all the very best in the New Year, 2013 and I assure you that there are extremely brilliant entrepreneurs and leaders waiting to help you create your own, fix a troubled business, or incorporate yourself into a new position with a new company at no charge. We will mentor and advise for free at Do not hesitate to contact us via computer or iphone: We are here to help you launch your own success. You are the USA. Contact a site like Yahoo and search for JOBS. That will get you started. If you have an email address, leave it at: I can mail you updates via the computer. Open a Yahoo or other account and advise where to send your updates.

We must all work together to rebuild America, as the US Government, under President Barack Obama, wants success for all of its people. I am not the government. I am just a person like you. I have built dreams, though, and you can find my history at I give you my word, we are all gathering to give the citizens across the nation a new start, a good start, and a new dream. Kitty Kelso


Guy Kawasaki, hello. Here is a copy of my plan to pck up where the President left off. I told him I would have his back before it was a popular phrase. This plan needes the technological  closure, bringing all HR, employers & jobs to one site each at least. I'm thinking we need to get on the details of this plan, or 2013 simply won't work. I'm a member of several Times News Papers, Chicago Tribune, Reuters. Jump in with suggestions or ideas to keep this procedure as simple as possible for the new visitors to the computer and/or sites. Happy NY, Guy. Kitty Kelso