Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Today Trump Wins

I didn't think he could do it. But he did it. He has seen and said every single thing that the GOP'S have not wanted to hear - the same reason the Democrats are holding their breath.

Donald Trump has the force, the passion, and the vision. His personal security should be quadrupled. Everybody but the People, hate him. Donald get your attorneys to start work on this amendment to make the People's vote count. We, the People, are seeing a dark horse take the lead from the outside. Nobody can touch him, as long as we continue to hear and see a man of the men - not of the candidates being bought or exchanging promises in this race. He is simply smarter. He will fix the country, but he will smash the lives of the lowest class people contributing or not, to the government income tax. He will close them down. VA's included. Remember when women and minorities could not vote? Amendments can be made! We also want an electrical ballot AND a hand ballot back-up.

Today a letter went out in Illinois, the Governor in the state has not paid the Senior Services of Central Illinois owed bills since last June. The recipients are elderly people, VA's, recuperating individuals - nobody cheats on Meals on Wheels and those who cook, pack, and deliver are volunteers across the city. It is paid for by various methods, including insurance, Medicare and many private pay.

So, from now on until these politicians are removed from office who instigated this gross injustice to the biggest and most popular group of population in the United States, by eliminating, not only meals, but the discontinuance of the ACCESS bus that has transported the most needy of all clients, wheelchair bound, or not able to climb the steps independently - to get to their destinations of Physical Therapy, and Doctor's visits. They are trying to get better so they can pay taxes again; but, some have already paid all of their lives, and now need the services they paid for. But, this is where the State of Illinois Governor has chosen to cut his budget - no more Friday Senior Service Lunch Program at the Senior Service Center - not even an answering machine in the building for messages, The Senior Center of Illinois is where many Seniors come for guidance of complications in paperwork for government, or just to enjoy the opportunity to play a game of cards.

The cuts are starting from the bottom, and they will continue. I dread 2016. I heard it was going to shock every American.

Lesson: Never higher a multi-millionaire to be the Governor

I heard he was attempting to buy the state, and it is being presently all fixed up (all roads and sewers at this point) on the taxpayer's dime. Then he will have his own great State of Illinois 199 miles from Chicago - the new hub of all kinds of trade.

If can survive on my meager monthly budget in a hunger like I've never seen for taxes on everything bought in this state, others are experiencing the same; we are facing the coming continuous cuts because the Social Security money bank is going broke - if it is not already. And, GOP, you are not about the People.

Springfield, IL however, is the Capitol of Illinois - and the government just built a $30M dollar Presidential Museum. The future of this city with be built around that investment that never made sense to me (our city was hit hard and most of downtown buildings have been empty due to our economy), present number of visitors are certainly not paying the light bill on the truly fantastic Abe Lincoln, and all other Presidents, and now, Barack Obama will be added and ensconced in perfect replica via wax.

Chicago is moving in.

Trump will consider it's monetary value for his spreadsheet to make sense of the A/P's. How will he learn about the People once he is elected by them - even if his private attorneys immediately file the amendment to have the People's Vote count for Trump to lead this country. That is how he will get elected. We will need to develop a tax payable to USA by citizens who invest in other countries. This cut for the rich who donate $500M to other countries for a tax right off loophole, has got to be turned around.

Saturday, October 3, 2015


"Secretary's Ink"
To:            Donald J. Trump
   cc:          Barack Obama

Date:         2015, October 3
Subject:    Chief Adviser of President, Internet

I can't imagine Donald Trump taking real advice from anyone. If he doesn't find out how to be a real man's man within, say a month, he could kiss this effort goodbye. I have been hung up on D.J. since his first divorce. He was a remarkable man then, in many ways. I have the directions in my mind that he needs to alter, and I would advise strongly that he follow the directions to the dollar amount. He only understands success by hand shakes or a check in the mail. Well it's time to negotiate and it just got expensive for him. If he wants to be President of the United States, I will expect a check in the mail for half up front and half on election night. 

So you see, Mr. Trump, we both have a huge stake in getting you elected. However, we have a huge dilemma. I won't support a GOP candidate. I don't know why exactly, but the word is out there, they are walking around like a bunch of loose chickens. I believe DJT could make a great president. But he operates in two different personalities. This man rarely walks on grass. Has anyone ever watched the movie Pretty Woman when she takes his phone from him and throws it away in the park, then parks him under a tree and takes his socks off in the grass? He hadn't felt grass - not that he remembered. That is the same personality as Mr. Trump. He has the focus, determination, and clear insight to close any deal he enters. If he made a promise to a country, he would understand it completely (he does have that kind of patience and willingness) and clearly define all areas that needed to be talked through in a business manner, without war. I have good references, Barack Obama, President of the United States. Just ask him if he knows of Kitty Kelso, he will remember, the one with the keen advice. He was free and I helped him get elected on the Internet, through my association with the Whitehouse Group, at as an OFFICIAL. I don't know what that means exactly, but it looked impressive when I saw it. It has been an honor to advise President Barack Obama, and I compliment him for taking my brutally honest forceful words to get him to change his mind about this or that. He's in my own book. The ending will be drawing to an end after the State of the Union Address next 2016. I am compiling all the good things Barack Obama did while he has been in office, and absorbing them into my heart, and I pray he has not left 2016 to be a joke on everyone. I live in Springfield, IL - where Barack Obama spent his days in state congress held in this capitol of the State. This is where we have rides by horse and buggy to every site in Springfield and area, of places where Abe Lincoln is honored by his rocking credentials, as one of the most popular Presidents of all time. 

I know Pres. B will have many areas and monuments in Springfield. I worry about how big the one in Washington will be? Has he done us a favor by telling us how horrible congress in Washington truly is? I begged him to "shake the bad apples out of the trees in D.C." and he did exactly that. We The People thank him for creating an atmosphere where it is in the hands of the People now - and I will get them to the voting table. Please tell me is it electronically safe, and also please could We The People have a punch ballot count on the side, just for fairness sake. I also have references

Respectfully yours,
Kitty Kelso