Friday, June 5, 2015

Maybe not Hillary??

I have been following politics for over ten years, especially the personal history of those at the top of the organization. I was so sure that Hillary Clinton was the only person who could and would walk into the Oval Office and begin to create a new sense of Patriotism in the United States. I have been adamant that I am and will be for a long time, a non-registered independent. 

Yesterday, I watched 3 new GOP runners for the top seat. Shockingly, Rick Perry had all the right words. He has been the Governor or Texas for close to 14 years. His history of progress for the state in most all areas, is positive. He is directly all of his passion to the re-organizing and deleting many situations that Americans have found themselves in, that cost them a terrible price, affecting most all lives of citizens - some in a fair way, most not in a fair way. 

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