Tuesday, November 10, 2015


The clowns and weaklings are dropping as real contenders in this extraordinary race; full of controversy, entertainment, and sure to be changes. The pack thins as those not worthy of a front position fall behind, and the people who were just along for the shock or mockery of the Constitution itself - are left in the dust.

BERNIE SANDERS takes the lead. He is an Independent; he has experience; he has run with the pack; he doesn't like them. He did not take this leap of faith to be President because it feels like his ego is waning or he is losing his hair - he has started his passion with just the belief in what he felt passionate about. It seems so did millions of people, as people of all walks of life have been contributing to his campaign and thus, it grows.

Now if we can get some media FACTS - FACTS without bias - the people will show you at the polls that America cannot and will not be bought by an individual (Trump), or a set-up candidate like Hillary Clinton. I wanted to see Hillary get the nomination, but I don't see her heart or her passion in this race at all. Something is holding her back.

Go Bernie, Go. Let's see how far we can get you over the next several months. We the People have a lot to learn because we have given much too much trust to the political arena over a lifetime and we are now paying attention. How do we get the People's vote to count? One human owns Minnesota. How is that possible? Because it is. The Mayo Clinic is in Minnesota. Huh?! Do your homework. Forbes has details. So does Washington D.C.

Donald Trump, you gave outdone yourself on all you have to offer. You will always be a good business man - but you bit off too much ego going on SNL and mocking your political arena. Your speeches have become redundant and you have shown us you are just that - a business man - not a political man who believes in the Constitution but only recognizes those parts that fit your agenda. People are what matters in this country - first not numbers.

Politicians have it all backwards.

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