Thursday, April 23, 2015

A New Era of History, HillaryClinton will be President of USA

Hillary R. Clinton will be the next President of the United States. I predict a landslide of voters, some who have never voted before, to escort this woman into her position to lead these great people of the United States into a great remission! There are promises that were made to the infrastructure citizens that have not been honored at this point, yet must be honored in order for the people to have faith, hope and trust left in this present political system at all. There is much work to do, and I believe the strength of Hillary Clinton, whether she were a woman or a man, is the strength and knowledge that is needed to take that seat of President, and make an honest group of leaders to join her, in working in every dark corner, to straighten up, clean up, and cheer up the Washington D.C. environment including the people who now sit in a leadership capacity over-seeing something that maybe they shouldn't be overseeing. We the people know about all the uncovered secrets, but we don't see any action to punish the obviously lying, cheating, and spying by many testifying in a congressional hearing (or in any other political venue). That creates doubt and a wonder about a waste of valuable time for these congressional hearings at all. Perjury is supposed to be against the law in the Courts of the United States, yet we see nobody being punished mildly or severely for this crime. One cannot go to a congressional hearing and lie. No more. We will set some change factors to be put on a list for Hillary to give her speedy attention to, the minute she hits the desk in the Oval Office. Kitty Kelso 

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