Wednesday, July 20, 2016

I choose never to hear his name again.

There is something terribly amiss when a man like the one standing on the stage with his family's smiles glued on their faces touting his good will and abilities. They are not foolish knowing full well if they do not co-operate to the fullest without question, their place in the will of this horrible man will be eliminated. I feel sorry for their inner-most feelings and beliefs. They, if they have vivid memories of him, must be sorrowful as new children are born as their equal, not once but twice and are spread and barely know each other. Yet they serve their personal "king" and speak to the world that this "Republican" can lead the free world. He can't. He can barely lead his family with happiness. He is a malignant narcissist. He puts money above love. He puts himself above all others - even before this maniacal run for office - disrupting America and it's proper protocol of the election process. Could he have reached this position if he had issued intelligence instead of play-acting and upsetting the norm with rage and attempting to instill fear in The People? No, he has no information that matters to the World, he has no empathy in his head or heart for man - neither in this Land or in others. The man is completely contained in selfishness and does not and will not do anything but ruin America and her ways.
Take that family away to a golf course, a party, or back to the Towers.

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