Sunday, July 10, 2016

My plans for progress and prosperity are complete. I am giddy like a little girl. I am ready to increase productivity for all of us - and the rest. It is a wonderful plan and I am happy, so happy that it is so simple, yet full of so much potential for all of my dreams and yourself. I have been worried about the Internet and the techs that make it happen. Mobile phones have taken their toll on the artists who have made discovery possible for us all. It seems the mobile phone is a cheaper route to reach you then the home systems and that is the biggest hurdle to putting Screens, bigger screens back into their homes where they can spend time exploring. I don't understand why business, especially big business does not understand that cheaper is better? It would double, triple and more production or membership. The money would flow through the accounts and the stock exchanges if they would understand profit is not the end product of success - it is the customer's contributions. We must get the two sides to work smoothly together, not break the World's progress. I will keep more people smiling, excited to be working again, producing fine products for a reasonable price with the best qualities. My reach is International Trade. I will broker from sales to ports, to countries, to semi-trucks, to my plan for a different type of surge forward sales. I am a Marketer, and I love that I have realized that Advertising is part of that phenomena. I love that I have always been driving into the Ventures and Equities and helping all businesses with KTE Business ReOrganization System. At times, many times KTE Increased Revenue Consultant. I have the support of so many fantastic intelligent people throughout the Internet and those who also write and contribute their information for free. We, the Internet owners, must offer more for members than we do. AT&T has the best game I ever played - learn from it. Facebook gets the most attention (complete attention). It is so very well constructed, but then it becomes boring. People only want to learn so much, then they want to entertain themselves. That is why and Gaming are so important. We must keep a smile on visitors/members. Truly - give away something - often. It is genius for keeping them coming back more often. They will buy hardware for homes as mobile grows exhausting to the eyes. Make it affordable - under or at $50.00. People on earth have little money. People in the clouds hold big amounts close to their chest. Invest in me. Watch the change and don't be afraid. I have a business address of KTE, 4015 Pickfair Road, Springfield, IL  62703. Very soon (this week) there will be a different business bank account for direct donations and investments. I need $10M dollars for seed money. I will show reports of where the money is spent. Forbes will be helping me put KTE on the Dow/Nasdaq where the World can invest in our global continued growth. I will show you the excitement of growing again. God Bless you all, as always, your forever thankful friend - Kitty Kelso

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