Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Trump slithering like a snake in knowledge about reality in America

We have one choice to make American People secure again, while engaging in the payback of loans to the World Countries who are due. Rebuilding our infrastructure means creating more tax dollars for the increase in worth of the USA reserve to begin this process. Americans will work for the Nation and the World peace.

 If the election were the selection of the people, Bernie would win, hands down. We all agree with his passionate understanding of rebuilding infrastructure and paying our debts to the world. If he wins the Democratic nominee election, Trump will bury him with his gaggle of crooked attorneys. Trump will win - America's PEOPLE Will lose on many levels. Trump will not pay debts, he hoards the almighty dollar and has NOT spent his own money on this election process. He uses the tax system to make Americans pay for his ignorance and sick ego. (MALIGNANT NARCISSIST). We as knowledgeable Americans know that our only hope to secure the Nation from a possible WWlll, I to elect Secretary Clinton. I would pray Bernie Sanders would be her Chief Presidential Adviser. WE THE PEOPLE WILL SAVE AMERICA FROM RUINS. The Clinton family laundry is so similar to world population marriages. It has nothing to do with her extreme and deep knowledge of World and Nation. Please understand the three way choice must be explained in detail. BERNIE IS AN ANGEL FOR AMERICA, but Trump will take the PRESIDENCY with billions of dollars in big business support and backing. Kitty Kelso

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