Saturday, May 14, 2016

Radio 3Fourteen - Susan Kolb - Breast Implants, Silicone Toxicity & 21st...

In 2003 a moratorium was held once again in Washington, D.C. with an extensive number of physicians, plastic surgeons, owners, marketers, family members or friends of patients too sick to stand or wait even in a chair. Others connected to the sales, creation, and advertisers of implants were present and spoke the first couple of days in the congressional hearing. The "judges" to decide whether these breast implants should be sold in the surgical suite of surgeons were physicians from the AMA, Congress men, and the creative companies. A plastic surgeon from my city had been the U.S. Rep. for Plastic Surgeons who insisted had "never had a patient with a problem". His patient of almost 10 yrs had her medical records safe in her bank fault to prove this man had lied and perjured himself in this 2003 testifying experience. When he returned to his city, where he was the President of his Medical Society of his state. He put a solid wall up that no medical/dental doctor, clinic, or hospital, no matter what specialty could care for this personal situation. For the next 12 yrs, that one patient struggled to work, raise sons, and go from doctor to doctor, dentists, gyn/ob, and EMG, specialists of many kinds - who gave her an aspirin and sent her to the next guy on the block. One dear doctor, finally told her the truth. He said that this plastic surgeon had denied treatment to this specific patient who could prove he had perjured himself in D.C. in 2003. His office staff was cold. He was horrible even with a second MRI proving the leakage in 2000. He insisted nobody could get sick from an implant - while standing and teaching of a new resident who was soaking in new information. The next doctor seen for chest pain ordered a echo cardiogram that proved full blown systemic lupus erythematosus which includes many illnesses that could and did eventually put her into a state of chronic declining illness. Three doctors insisted it was fibromyalgia (pain in every fiber of your body). They spent years telling women it was all in their head, causing them to lose their families, friends, and hope for living. Now any treatments are too late, with too little family or loving support to get the patient to a surgeon with the monies needed to get well. Another report came out within the week of 2003, was talking about the Federal export of Medical Devices (mostly breast implants) that is worth $350 Billion dollars. Not one woman was going to be sacrificed in the USA to prove she was sick, losing her life, for $350 Billion dollars. Suffering patients are and have been sacrificed already - and continue to become mothers breast feeding babies causing lifetime illness for them. Dow Corning was supposed to pay the sickest women up to $300,000 with actual diagnoses of lupus, MS, Scleroderma, and other connective tissue diseases. Even though they were involved in class action suits against the company and Dow was supposed to be paying out in that year 2003, $300,000. These sickest women were told to return to the Dow Corning court in Las Vegas, Nevada, and were told to come back with their own personal lawyers. That was basically impossible due to lack of funds following long illness, and the fact that Dow Corning went bankrupt before any of the sickest women could return. No doctor - none - would save the lives of this horrible genocide put into a woman's or a man's (testicular) body and allowing the suffering continue without a family member by their side. Susan Kolb, of this subject lead a group of sick ladies to D.C. in the early years to try to have implants banned. She has a supreme interest in making a big secret a loud fact. Breast implants, and other silicone based products and there are many can and will kill you if not removed. God Bless this revolving door or patients who continue to pray, as there is little left for them to do. It hurts. It hurts the body all over, and it hurts the pride left for the government, and it hurts the heart by infection, and in the lies that separate them from the only comforts of support, family and friends. Kitty Kelso

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