Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Mean Spirited Human Beings - are we responsible?

I feel the Political division like a shoe that doesn't fit well, but I walk a mile in them every day. I am shocked, truly shocked at the fact that the bullies believe they will win this instigating meanness that causes shock and sadness to the same human beings that walk this earth with them.

I recall the stories of serial killers and how they were brought up. Somewhere in their beginning they were not tended well. No celebrations without harsh arguments overhead. No hugs or cuddles. No change of clean clothes for school or any other function. No constant routine of loving and encouraging parents as the child grows to a kind, enduring man or woman - who will repeat these life lessons. Love is missing from their lives. They become the antagonizers forever. These parents who most likely are antagonizers themselves, are to blame for haters and bullies existing today.

If there is a head injury that affects an initially "good" person and negative changes begin to exist against humanity, including animals - managing this childhood would be difficult for parents.

A damaged child by any means becomes a bully - an antagonist to others. It starts in the horrible bullying we hear, read and experience early in life. It carries it's viciousness in the schools, on the playground, during alone time, evil turns to helpless animals. Why does this assault hurt the "normal" people so bad?  It is because it is a shock to their morals, their values, and the only understanding they live and exude to other humans.

So here we are on the battlefield of humanity: good vs evil. Foolery is everywhere as we hunker down to understanding....we are making a mistake on the "good" side of bullying, stealing, destruction. Bullies win all instances of assault. It knocks a good person off their center while any kind gesture only antagonizes "evil" to do more harm. While we watch, evil assaults the trap by fishing for the weak who are digging their safe place, to eventually try to divide the mean idea of "good" and "evil".

There is little power left in USA Government that is "good". We must not be fooled by "words". We must use our knowledge and our upbringing to see through the "words" and only acknowledge the "actions". You know the reality - "Actions Speak Louder Than Words". So many Politicians are full of money with their base of followers full of evil, and they will fool you into believing their words because they are rich and have become powerful.

Well, this "war of words" is lost because you do not VOTE for a simple kind person who is knowledgeable of our Constitution and who speaks kindly of his election for your life within it's boundaries.You literally will have "Hell to Pay" if "good" people do not VOTE.  This person will not be rich. He/she will come to you with just enough money to get from town to town with a base of  helpers who include you, and who are also reputable and kind.

We as a town or city can offer free meals, hospitality accommodations, free speaking platforms, and a happy crowd who knows the words to the National Anthem or the Stars Spangled Banner. Bus companies might offer free travel for the political base for the kindness and support by "good" brave people. Mayors, or business owners - meet. Offer a plan to the "good" campaigners who can recite the Constitution, then "VOTE". Do Not Sit On The Sidelines! You are causing the Power to shift even more to the "evil" Your life and your children's lives will be altered forever by bullies.

America the Beautiful! Save your life. Save your Country, VOTE!         Kitty Kelso

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