Saturday, March 10, 2018

I have "known" this guy well for years, over 25. He was fun to watch as a business man. He was good to his ex-wives, and generous to his children. He just didn't have much time with any of them most of his life. Once he set out on his own, he had watched and learned from a master, his father. Donald was hungry to chomp on the BIG real estate market. He played with buildings like most kids play with Legos. He fell down and he got back up several times (marriages count). When the kids were old enough and educated, they had a future in Donald J. Trump. He became a very proud father all over again. I knew he was a heck of a business man, and I admired him. I thought, "Any friend of Regis Philbin has GOT to be a good man!". I even applied for a job working by his side at Trump Towers. I had hopes of managing the Taj Mahal. Thankfully I didn't get the job. I was wrong about the man and his leadership and business skills. He changed dramatically. He was a happier man back then. He wasn't always grumpy and being irresponsible. Now I don't think he belongs where he is; he has always been addicted to the news media to create a controversy to get his name in the paper, and he was taking crazy headlines out in newspapers under a fake name; really, in the past; then he got on TV. He changed as his ego grew and his chest pumped bigger and bigger every time he felt personal admiration. I wish he would go home to New York and Trump Towers. I wanted to admire him as only a business man
again. It is too late for that now. Kitty Kelso 

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