Sunday, July 23, 2017

Secretaries in Government - speak up!


G.O.P. & Co. want money - it is being eaten up by the medical/pharmaceutical and wall street/mafia crooks. It is not the patients - it is the myriad of buildings that now look like little cities and they call them medical buildings. Since when did a sick person - a dying person - have to to travel from office to office, lab to lab, x-ray area to MRI areas, to CT scan departments? Since charges to Medicare and Medicaid, Insurance companies, etc. have tripled. Now specialists are asking for cash or huge payments up front for life-saving surgeries. Remember - it is not the patients.
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In my sociology experience, I have found people to be "beating the system" with little effort and yet astounding knowledge of how to do so. They have no idea of how to balance a budget nor do they care. That tax return is blown - not divided by 12 months, but rather extravagant trips, parties, remodels, cars, rings, hair dos, expensive clothes - but still claim poverty and receive up to and over $1000/mo for Link cards and other state programs. It is these people that Trump supporters would like to see go - but they just need to tweak Obamacare here and there to eliminate them. Some, by the way, have have babies to keep that tax return up to $4000 and more. These are weeds that need to be removed from the system.

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