Sunday, August 14, 2016


An amazing discovery, EQ (emotional quotient). It is when a truly driven person with a high EQ and IQ exhibits passion! Try to realize this can create an individual with successful understanding of most all of your titled knowledge sites. The best find is a true proven visionary who can lead any group (after short understanding of company) to success. It's just what their brain does for the fun of it. Imagine loving building all businesses to be the very best they can be and beyond? HP had 6 visionaries at the top once. I always referred to it on the Internet, especially Twitter, as the Little Engine that Could and Did. However, without ethics in only one of it's visionaries, you will fail or not grow to your potential or lose everything - like trust. It will take many years to see a rebuilding of new visions, new trust, new accomplishments. I see that in HP now and I recommend them highly. Building teams is what I love to do with any business or life challenges no matter how big - then we all work together and find the proper direction - not far away. With logic, strategy, lateral thinking, ability to communicate knowledge - and you have a leader. 
Ethics = Trust = Success
Kitty Kelso

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