Tuesday, May 13, 2014


Dear God,
Things are moving forward for the economy it seems, yet we have a major outbreak of a freak epidemic illness that started in the middle east, killing many across the lands. Two people have now died in America, on in Indiana, and one in Florida. He was a young man from the Sudan who had been visiting a very sick uncle dying on the far shore. He caught it and was hospitalized within a week, and was dead within two weeks. The more sad news is that 24 of the caretakers, nurses, doctors have caught this illness so quickly, it shouts loudly how many people must STAY HOME, isolate yourself for a time. Don't let anyone in your door who has a cough or headache that won't go away. You could die. The airplanes and the train track Zepher and our Amtrak, even buses have a built-in breathing air. It isn't fresh and you will all breath someone elses air eventually. More sadly the Carnival Ships that have shared great memories for people's lives have become so terribly dangerous due to needing all new insides. The vents were contaminated, I believe. The last I heard a refurbished one was heading out with a full boat and after a short time at sea on the way to the Southern Islands, they had to call home base to come tow them back. Three quarters of the people were falling ill already.. Some ships are newer, there are still wonderful trips being advertised that I would surely give a try if I had the money for the float. I fear I might get off in Ireland or England, and never go back. I would basically go awol from my committed cruise. I can dream from anywhere; I never really thought much about where I wanted to do my dreaming. I think it is an important factor to include if you think you want to write. Like Hemingway and the like, if they hadn't isolated themselves on the perfect choice of desks overlooking the perfect view for peace of mind. Okay, I think I want to go to a beach off Australia, or maybe Jamaica; I just want white sand and the sound of the water. Oceanside California had just that when I stayed a few months. It takes your mind to a place where you can't get to in a normal day. You've heard of a Writer's Paradise? It is truth. The new uncontrolled epidemic is called MERS - it is totally different then MERSA. WASH YOUR HANDS OFTEN, KEEP THEM AWAY FROM YOUR MOUTH. Write on the Internet and don't use strange keyboards for a few weeks. Someone will invent a penicillin type cure very soon. God, have mercy. Stay safe people in the world. Kitty Kelso

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